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    mardi 3 novembre 2009

    Concours =D

    Désolée pour mes lecteurs francophones ( si lecteurs il y à huh huh ) mais aujourd'hui c'est un poste en anglais :D

    Hi everybody! Today's entry is for Supervillain's contest! :) This girl is amazingly pretty and heh, who wouldn't like to win a calendar full of sexy ladies? I know I would.. in fact I want this calendar really bad u_u'' I'm such a perv..!! huh huh... anyway!! By the way, please forgive me if there are any mistakes, remember that I'm a french canadian and that I'm not using any translator!!

    The purpose of this contest is to dress-up as a character! The choice is really vast, so I've chosen to dress-up as Draco Malfoy, the pretty slytherin.. but not the one you imagine!! I took the original character and added my own twist to his background... hope you'll like it!! :)

    Always alone, on my own...

    Trying to look as strong as I can...

    Lost in my thoughts, pretending I don't care about anything

    I think I've became the accomplished boy my dad always wanted to have

    A frightening glaze that could freeze any enemies

    Intriguing everyone when I miss school to prepare my secret mission...


    Everyone thinks I have some kind of dark aura because I'm always haughty, pretentious and quiet, finding that nobody deserves my words

    I think dad is proud of me, but I can't be proud of me...

    At the end of the day, my tie chokes me and I feel like a prisoner of my body

    When I'm alone in my room, all the sadness resurfaces... I feel so stupid to have ruined my life with lies...

    I wanted you to love me so badly, I became what you've wanted...


    I've morphed into the successful and dangerous boy you always wanted


    Though at night, I return to what I really am, when nobody sees me

    I transform in what I would love to be everyday.. I would like to be pretty, to have a boyfriend... It feels so strange to refuse when girls ask me out on dates... Even them don't seem to notice who I truly am...

    I find myself back... I can be sort of.. happy?


    But it never lasts long...


    The relief is gone rapidly and replaced by shameful feelings...
    Why have I been so stupid to start this masquerade? Where am I?

    I know I went too far to stop now...

    It feels like dying every seconds to know nobody likes the true me... even my family...

    Dad... I just wanted you to love me...

    Now you're the only one who can free me from my pain... Dad... please.. do it.. please..

    I don't have the force anymore...

    Help me.. Dad..




    Woahh! :) I finally did it! I've wanted to do my entry earlier but my costume took forever to be finished!! @_@ I know it may be disturbing to imagine Malfoy as a girl, but I thought it would be interesting for this contest!!

    I've made a video of me doing my makeup but I'm unable to convert it!! so fuck it and I'll just tell you what I used!!

    -Green Face Shop Primer
    -Revlon Colorstay foundation in Medium Beige
    -NYX concealer jar in porcelene
    -Everyday Minerals finishing powder in fair
    -Unknown Eyeshadow palette, the medium brown on it :/
    -NYX eyeshadow palette in Black/Grey/White for the grey
    -L.A.Colors eyeshadow palette in Fabulous for the plum
    -Maybelline Great Lash mascara in clear

    When I morph into the feminine Malfoy, I just add a little bit of black eyeshadow, some black mascara and a touch of gloss.

    I had a lot of fun doing this contest, thank youuu Supervillain!! =D

    Here's a picture of me bare just so you can see the difference!! ^^have a nice day!!


    4 commentaires:

    Pop Champagne a dit...

    great look!! :)

    supervillain a dit...

    beautiful, hot! love it! thx for joining! xo

    Eloïse a dit...

    T'es super photogénique !!! O_o

    Rozylipop a dit...

    lolll merci mais c'est surtout une sélection soigneuse des photos haha!!!